Azure DevOps

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Demonstrates extensive knowledge and a proven record of success improving the productivity of technology processes and business processes by creating highly automated workflows for software development and operations including the following areas:

– Groovy script (Jenkins DSL) development.
– Kubernetes Application Deployment resource types (deployments, pods, namespaces, ingress, storage classes, etc).
– HashiCorp Vault and secrets management best practices.
– JFrog Artifactory and the various artifactory repo types: Docker, npm, pypi, maven, nuget
– The primary dev frameworks: flask, .NET core, spring boot, and express and their associated build processes
– Azure databases and other data platform PaaS services and light DBA type work.
– Network firewall troubleshooting.
– DNS and TLS certificate management.
– General familiarity with PwC Labs service offerings.
– Fluent spoken English.

El proceso y el proyecto:
– Consta de dos instancias de entrevista técnica: la primera el DevOps Lead de Taller y luego con el Lead del equipo de PWC.
– Duración del proyecto: ongoing sin fecha de finalización.
– Zona horaria: ART
– Asignación: Full time 

Interesados, enviar CV con pretensiones de renta a: [email protected]