Local Sales Manager (Automotive)

We are looking for a Local Sales Manager for an important automotive holding.

Available vacancies: Las Condes and San Miguel

Position: on-site

Mission of the position:

To comply with the commercial goals of the team in charge, support, manage and implement strategic projects defined by management and ensure the proper functioning of the store. Ensure the expected profitability of the business and the assigned physical space.

Some functions:

Perform commercial management, setting the guidelines for the operation of the store, including sales.
Supervision of the collaborators who fulfill administrative and commercial roles.
Supervision of the logistics of the store’s operation.
Customer service in any event when the flow requires it. When there are delays in the attention, solve errors and be the visible face of the brand.
Support the Collaborators, streamlining the attention and generating closeness with customers, oriented to customer loyalty.



San Miguel Branch: at least 2 years in similar roles, in the automotive or retail industry.

Las Condes Branch: at least 5 years in similar roles in the automotive industry.

If you are interested, please send your CV with income expectations to: [email protected] indicating the location for which you are applying (Las Condes, San Miguel, or both).

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